Saskia die Drachensängerin

Dragon Energy




You are love, infinite unconditional love. If you sense the call of the dragons, they want to help you to find the path to yourself, into your heart, to discover your true being. I – the singer of the dragons – am at your side, if you wish to let yourself be guided back into your heart by the dragons of love. I have been trained by the dragons to be their channel and their messenger.
My personal dragon is called Re'An and his color is white. He is helpfully at my side with everything I do.

Each human being has a personal dragon he had worked together with in former times. When duality became more and more heavy, they fell asleep. Today the veil is getting thinner and thinner and our loving friends want to be with us again.

When you are touched by the power of the dragons, a lot can happen.
You get in contact with the divine power within you
Your aspect of omnipotence is ignited
Magic energy in flowing into your aspect of omnipotence
Your magical capacities are activated and extended
Memories from Avalon may awaken
Old patterns, vows, oaths and promises are burnt as it is good and right for you. You may suffer from lightbody symptoms, moreover as the dragon energy accelerates a lot. Call Angel Gabriel to relieve these symptoms.
Dissolution and extension
Extension and flaring up of your divine flame
Presence and awareness
Welcoming of the "dark" sides within you, flushing them with the light of love



We – the dragons and I – offer as remote session

Dragon Bath


During this transmission you are lovingly cleansed and grounded on all levels and you are bathed in the healing and transforming dragon energies. Crystalline structures that are no longer beneficial for you are removed.

Each of the rituals listed below contain a dragon bath so that you and I are prepared in the best possible way.

Balance: € 44  -  3 Dragon Baths: € 120

Enter into your own power


Old patterns which are no longer beneficial for you are removed. Embrace yourself the way you are. Acceptance and integration of your divine omnipotence. Expansion of your power. In advance I will pass powerful affirmations on to you which you can speak during the ritual and also a week afterwards at your discretion.

Balance: € 88

Activation of the power of the dragons


I will ask the guardians of the portals to the kingdom of the dragons to permit you entrance. Your own dragon power will be activated. That means that a part of you which is still sleeping will be activated by the fire of the dragons. It connects you with your divinity and lets you take another step towards the awareness that you are pure love. Dragon energy is good for those human beings who are willing to accept their power wholeheartedly.

Balance: € 88

Activation of the personal dragon


Your personal dragon will be activated. If he has a message for you, I will transmit it to you.

Balance: € 88

Acceptance of our own power and assuming your place on earth


When the dragon power is activated within you and your personal dragon is awakened processes may occur. This ritual serves to dissolve these processes by accepting your power. It grounds very strongly and acts balancing and invigorating. Here, too, I will pass powerful affirmations on to you in advance.

Balance: € 88

3 Rituals: € 250

Messages of the Dragons

As channel for the dragons I transmit the messages of your personal dragon to you, but also for example of Balthasar, the king of the dragons.

Balance: € 60


Dragon Messages

I, Balthasar, am greeting you with all my love and I am delighted to be allowed to talk to you in this way.

Much has been said and written about the dragons. We are returning to the sides of the high lights on earth. Once we fought for the light alongside one another until we could no longer exist in the depth of darkness. But now the collective consciousness of the human beings has become so high that we can return. Each light has a dragon friend, who is still sleeping. How ? do you ask ? can I awaken him? There are human beings who have preceded you on the path of the dragons, our messengers. These messengers once promised to support us in this new time of light. Each one of them is authorized and empowered to awaken your still sleeping dragons. To guide you into your dragon power. To assist you to accept your own power and to assume your position on earth. Such as the medium, the dragons' singer, who I am just giving my message through to you.

Power and courage is needed to tame the dragon power within yourself, for it is strong and powerful, but it is also loving and gentle. If you have learnt to tame it, a wonderful path into the light is opening up to you. Our fire burns all that is not real.

What do the dragons look like? Come and see for yourself.

(Balthasar through Saskia 18th June, 2011)


Hello, my friends, it is wonderful to be here with you again.
It is so good, to see all that you do. So much is happening in this computerthingie, so much full of light. We are thrilled. Only one thing is, well, not so very much perfect, yet. You still doubt yourselves, you're still quick to criticize yourselves. But there is Balthasar to help you with it (laughing).I will not cease telling you, how wonderful you are, until you're fed up with it (the Germans say here, until it's almost coming out of your ears, I'd like to see that (grinning))! Oh, yes, you're such wonderful beings, high beings of light in human bodies. Do have confidence in your own abilities. This is about your thoughts. Be alert and watch out if you're thinking something that is not positive about yourselves. Then change it! You could for example say:"Hey Balthasar, there's again such a thought, please let me have your fire, quick!" And the thought is gone. And then you only have to replace with something positive, like for example:"I'm just awesome again today!" Sure you will need a lot of attention, for a behavior like this has been frowned upon in your history so far. But believe me, you will make it. And the long dark winter months are approaching so that you'll have a lot of time to "think" it over with your heart, mind you, not with your intellect. It does have, in fact, a totally different opinion on this! Let your attention sink into your heart, that is more than half the battle. Really, I do love your language!
Now I'll retrieve my energy. But I'll stick around in case that one or another is in for a dragon ride. As always you can decide about the destination.
You're magnificent!

(Balthasar through Saskia 10th October, 2011)



Transmission of Healing Energy





Transmission of the Prosonodo-Light

My assignment comprises the transmission of the Prosonodo Light of my cosmic father.
It is brought into your Christ aspect and anchored there.
Its effects are

a deep feeling of peace
redemption on all levels
guides you into deep self love
an intensive cleansing and transformation on all levels
connects you with the pure divine power
brings you unconditional love
brings you healing on all levels

Balance: € 30

Intensive Treatment

Transmission of

magnetic energy
energy of redemption
Prosonodo Light
Eleua Energy
Holy words of the Syron Frequency
dragon energy
unicorn energy

By what I am I can offer you a special form of treatment.
My double origin, Quadril 5 and Christ Energy, results in the fact that during a treatment magnetic energy as well as the redemption energy of the Christ is being transmitted to a great extent. Additionally my assignment comprises the transmission of the Prosonodo Light. In the course of my training steps as a light pioneer I was initiated into the Eleua Energy. I am also a healer of the Syron Frequency. This is a healing technology, which is used in the high levels of the angels and which comprises words that are charged energetically. If your soul wishes, I sing the holy words for you. (Skype)
Eventually I am a channel for the dragon energy so that these healing energies of love also flow through me. My personal unicorn Sirah makes the soft unicorn energies available to me.

I'm offering you this "healing package". During approx. 45 minutes your soul takes what is good and right for you at the moment. So this package matches your requirements perfectly.

Balance: 50




If you feel that you need my services but you cannot afford it at the moment, please let me know and we will find a solution!


Energy work does not replace the care of a medical doctor in case of an illness.


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